Our Volunteers

Jerry Whiteley Horse Handler, Sidewalker.  

Jonna Randall Murdock Horse Handler, Sidewalker 

Vince Hutson Barn Manager, sidewalker 

Christy Fullerton Horse Handler, Sidewalker  

Eric Quiggley Sidewalker 

Betty Mendoza Sidewalker

Each therapy session on a horse requires 
4 people – the therapist, the horse handler, 
2 sidewalkers / safety support volunteers. 


Having the opportunity to participate in a treatment session will warm your heart when you see the strides children and adults make - not to mention their smiles and laughter. Please call or email. Thank you.  We look forward to meeting you soon!


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 

 — Winston S. Churchill

Get involved!

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What Our Volunteers Are Saying!

Jerry Whiteley Horse Handler,  Sidewalker

“At a chance encounter at a feed store I met  the owner of a therapeutic riding center in Cottonwood, AZ who encouraged me  to volunteer.  I discovered the magic of equine assisted activities and was hooked!"  

Jonna Randall Murdock Horse Handler,  Sidewalker

“I have had a lifelong passion for horses and am now experiencing a new level of appreciation for the power of the horse through therapy.”  

Christy Fullerton Horse Handler,  Sidewalker

“Its absolutely a blessing to be part of hippotherapy  and see the kiddos experience such healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.”  

Betty Mendoza Sidewalker

"The joy these children and adults receive from Equine Assisted Therapies is contagious.  I've been volunteering for 9 years and it never gets old!"

Vince Hutson Barn Manager, Sidewalker 

“Helping the children with special needs makes me feel good inside. I also am happy to see how much the horses like this “work.” It gives a retired horse a new and meaningful purpose in life.”


Please Help Us to Help Children and Adults Overcome Physical, Mental and Emotional Challenges 


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